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Guidance refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence, designed to assist students to make choices about their lives and to make transitions consequent on these choices. These choices may be categorised into three separate but interlinked areas:

Personal and Social – This area empowers students to make decisions, solve problems, change behaviour and resolve issues in their lives, through

  1. individual counselling
  2. group counselling
  3. supervised peer counselling
  4. referral to a counsellor or other outside agency.

If you would like to request a meeting with a member of our Guidance team , please complete our Referral Form and a member of our team will be in touch

Educational – Recognising students different learning abilities and their inherent talents. Each student is encouraged to optimise her learning skills. This involves:

  1. helping students with choices as in subjects, courses and levels
  2. aiding motivation and management learning
  3. showing students how to use available resources, study skills and exam techniques
  4. demonstrating how to use computer aided research.

Career / Vocational – Helping students to identify career / vocational goals by developing their self-analysis skills and being able to obtain and manage career information. This involves:

  1. having an understanding of the pathways into higher education
  2. making and carrying out appropriate life choices and plans
  3. practising interview techniques, CV writing and cover letters
  4. identifing their strengths and weakness from the results of various interest and aptitude tests
  5. making students aware of employment opportunities

Senior Cycle 2024-25

Subject Choice Information Evening takes place on Thursday 18 January at 8.00 pm in the Concert Hall.

Subject Preference Forms for current TY students must be completed on VSWARE and should be submitted not later than Thursday 25 January

Note: Current Form 3 students intending to move directly into Form 5 will be facilitated with an opportunity to sit the Career Profiling and Aptitude Test (Cost €40) and to submit their subject preferences when the date for submission of TY Applications has expired (22 February). The subject choice algorithms will not be finalised until all student have submitted their Subject Preferences

A copy of the presentations about Subject Choice and Aptitude testing and a brief guide to Leaving Certificate Subjects can be accessed below:

Form 5Subject Chocie.jpgSubjects-A-brief-guide-300x168.jpg

VSWARE Subject Choice Cheat Sheet

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